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EDEXCEL GCSE Astronomy Specification National Extension College Course (Fees Charged)

An Astronomical Scheme of Work for GCSE Astronomy

Created by Lynda Dunlop as part of a Gatsby Teaching Fellowship An Astronomical Scheme of Work (doc) Useful Reading (doc) Download all the files - 4.6 Mbyte ZIP file Be sure to see the Books Page Observing Techniques and Space Exploration Exploring the Universe 5.21a A brief guide to making observations (doc) 5.23a Rocketry (doc) 5.24a Mission card sort (doc) 5.24b Just a Minute (doc) 5.24c Playing Headguess (doc) 5.25a Hubble trouble (doc) 5.26a Structured thinking ideas (doc) 5.29a Timeline scale sort (doc) Observing the Universe 5.1a Reflecting or Refracting (doc) 5.1b Telescope formative assessment (doc) 5.1c Understanding telescopes (doc) 5.1d Astrobusters (ppt) 5.1d Telescope astrobusters (doc) 5.4a Magnification worksheet (doc) 5.5a Observing faint and distant objects (doc) 5.7a The Atmosphere (doc) 5.11a Newton and Light (doc) 5.12a Flintstones EM waves (doc) 5.12c Spectrum sort (doc) 5.14b Radio scope (doc) 5.17a X-ray astronomy cryptogram (doc) 5.17b EM spectrum taboo (doc) Flintstones (mid) Hydrogen and the Universe (doc) (NEW) Classify Nebulae (doc) (NEW) Save the Lancaster Space Project (doc) (NEW) Planet Earth Days and Seasons 1.16a Cartoon (doc) 1.17a Time calculations (doc) 1.18a Sun and Earth easy loop (doc) 1.19a Time Taboo (doc) 1.19b Time worksheet (xls) 1.20a Yearly path of sun (doc) 1.20b Sun position (doc) 1.20b Time crossword (doc) 1.21 Modelling Seasons with Interesting Materials (doc) 1.21a Seasonal thinking frame (doc) 1.21c Earth as a Planet Evidence cards (doc) 1.26a Time worksheet (doc) The Earth 1.1a Modelling (doc) 1.2a Astro numbers bingo (doc) 1.3a Orbit label (doc) 1.3b Orbit loop game (doc) 1.3c Earth as a Planet Evidence cards (doc) 1.6a Definitions match (doc) 1.6b Planet earth labels (xls) 1.6c Planet earth clues (doc) 1.7a AU cryptogram (doc) 1.7b Planet Pictionary (doc) 1.9a Earth venus venn (doc) 1.10a The tides spacefiller (doc) 1.11a Why is the sky blue (doc) 1.12a Atmosphere (doc) 1.15a Computer Modelling (doc) 1.15b Earth poetry (doc) Resource Guide Linked to Specification with hyperlinks 1 Days and seasons (doc) 1 The Earth as planet (doc) 2 Eclipses (doc) 2 The Moon (doc) 2 The Sun (doc) 3 Meteors and comets (doc) 3 Planets and Asteroids (doc) 4 Constellations (doc) 4 Galaxies (doc) 4 Stars (doc) 5 Exploring the universe (doc) 5 Observing techniques (doc) Stars and Galaxies Constellations 4.1a M&M constellations game (doc) 4.1b Find the Constellation! (doc) 4.1c Constellation Crossword (doc) 4.1d Constellation flashcards (doc) 4.1e Constellation snap (doc) 4.4a Constellations v galaxies venn (doc) 4.5a What's wrong with taurus (doc) 4.7a Mini loop (doc) 4.8a Circumpolar stars 5W question (doc) 4.8b Six hours later (doc) 4.8c Circumpolar (doc) Galaxies 4.29a Where am i (doc) 4.32a Milky way diagram (doc) 4.34a Galaxies Taboo (doc) 4.37a Galaxy Classification Starter (doc) 4.39a Quasars interactive worksheet (xls) 4.42a Elastic band red shift model (doc) 4.43a Big bang formative assessment (doc) 4.44a Hearts and heads origin of universe (doc) 4.44b Call my bluff origin and future of universe (doc) 4.44c Big bang xword solns (doc) 4.44c Big bang xword (doc) 4.44d Big bang wordsearch quiz (doc) 4.44e Structured paragraph big bang (doc) True or Bluff Table Card (pub) Stars 4.10a RA DEC grid (doc) 4.10b Celestial sphere (doc) 4.10c Pictionary (doc) 4.11a Is it circumpolar word form (doc) 4.12a Parallax and parsecs (doc) 4.12b Distance and parallax (doc) 4.14a Light curve card match (doc) 4.14b Computer Modelling (doc) 4.14b Modelling variable stars (doc) 4.16a Orders of magnitude (doc) 4.19a Star numbers bingo (doc) 4.20a Magnitude of stars calculation (doc) 4.21a Cepheids (doc) 4.23a Flame Tests (doc) 4.26a Stellar evolution flow chart (doc) 4.26b Star life cycle (doc) 4.26c Stellar Evolution Loop Game (doc) 4.26d Joke plenary (doc) 4.26e Stars Just a Minute (doc) 4.26f Stellar evolution taboo (doc) 4.26g Stellar xword (doc) 4.27a Hertzsprung Russell starter (doc) 4.27b Hertzsprung Russell labelling worksheet (doc) Eclipsing binary created by will cornish (gif) Eclipsing binary (gif) The Moon and The Sun Eclipse Resources 2.19a Eclipse before and after (doc) 2.20a Computer Modelling (doc) 2.21a Word link (doc) 2.21b Sentence generator (doc) Moon Resources 2.1a Scale modelling helpsheet (doc) 2.1b Loop game (doc) 2.1c Numbers pelmanism (doc) 2.2a Peer assessment phase explanation (doc) 2.2b Orbital thinking frame (doc) 2.2c Orbital traffic lights (doc) 2.3a Lunar Wordsearch (doc) 2.4a Flashcards (doc) 2.4b LunarPictionary (doc) 2.4c Just a Minute (doc) 2.4d Phases shading worksheet (doc) 2.5a Map labelling worksheet (doc) 2.5a Question sheet (doc) 2.5b Mind map keywords (doc) 2.5c Moon Taboo (doc) 2.5d Glossary (doc) 2.6a Crossword (doc) 2.6b Lunar Features Plenary (doc) 2.6c Picture Album (doc) 2.6d Astrobusters moon blockbusters questions (doc) 2.7a Moon theories facts and evidence (doc) 2.7b Moon Beans Earth Beans Practical (doc) 2.7c Moon bingo cards (doc) Astrobusters grid (ppt) Apollo 13 Movie (doc) NEW Sun Resources 2.9a Sun crossword (doc) 2.10a Fusion animation for students to annotate (gif) 2.10b Fusion what why how (doc) 2.11a Solar bingo (doc) 2.12a Solar Wordsearch (doc) 2.13a Temperature gradient (doc) 2.13b The Sun quiz for students to create (xls) 2.15a Solar pictionary (doc) 2.15b Sun Anagrams (doc) 2.17a Flame Tests (doc) 2.17b Fraunhofer poetry (doc) Fusion animation2 (ppt) Sun Music (doc) NEW The Solar System Meteors and Comets 3.26a Comet meteorite asteroid traffic lights (doc) 3.26b Meteoric card sort (doc) 3.28a Comets level ladder (doc) 3.30a Comet Questions (doc) 3.30b Making a Comet (doc) 3.30c Comets and meteors taboo (doc) Planets and Asteroids 3.1a Toilet roll (doc) 3.3a Are you i am (doc) 3.4a Presenting the Solar System (doc) 3.4b Planet taboo (doc) 3.4c Planets card sort (doc) 3.4d Is Pluto a Planet (doc) 3.5a Life cryptogram (doc) 3.5b The Drake Equation (doc) 3.6a Solar System Just a Minute (doc) 3.6b The Voyager Discoveries (xls) 3.6c Satellite card sort (doc) 3.12a Plotting a Star Chart using Excel (doc) 3.13a Solar system pictionary (doc) 3.14a Diagrams to explanations (doc) 3.14b Solar system crossword to write (doc) 3.15a Asteroid (doc) 3.18a Scientist certificate astro (pub) 3.18b Who discovered what (doc) 3.18c Astronomer labels (doc) 3.20a Kepler multi (xls) 3.20b Keplers law (doc) 3.20c Keplers laws plenary sentences (doc) 3.20d Kepler fa (doc) 3.24a Calculating the force of gravitational attraction (doc) 3.24b The Weightless Astronaut (doc) 5.21a A brief guide to making observations (doc)

GCSE Astronomy

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