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Resources in particular for the AQA Astrophyiscs Option

Copyright Free Notes and Worksheets for AQA Astrophysics by Alan C Pickwick, Physics Teacher, Manchester Grammar School (1975-2013) Click here to download your copy of the Notes that cover the specification, section by section The notes are an up-to-date text book for the AQA option Click here to download the classroom excercises that support AQA Astrophysics The excercises are period-length activities related to the specification CCD or CMOS Detectors - Sky & Telescope May 2020 The specification deals with CCD detectors but this article shows that technology never stands still Be sure to see the Books Page

Additional Resources

Buying a Telescope and Robotic Telescopes - Link to Harrison Telescopes Web Site CLEA Resources An amazing set of computer simulations of how to observe and collect data with a simulated professional telescope ESO Worksheets Good but overly complex and long exercises produced by the European Southern Observatory Light Pollution and Dark Skies An important topic for astronomers and for conserving energy NASE Resources The Network for Astronomy School Education runs courses for teachers. This is a link to the workshops and lectures. Primary to Sixth Form Radio Astronomy in Schools - New Hydrogen-line receiver needs to be added and meteor radar It’s always cloudy then you want to observe! So why not build a radio telescope or hunt for meteor echos? Search of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence EAAE Workshops for Distribution The European Association for Astronomy Education (named after the AAE) ran teacher- training events across Europe. Here are the materials for the workshops Handouts for A-level Particle Physics Classes Feynman Diagrams The approved way to draw Feynman Diagrams The Fundamental Scheme of Nature A detailed summary of the particles discussed in accelerator / particle physics

A-Level Astrophysics

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